Capability Statement
Small business is the true engine of economic growth and 
must not be cruelled or stymied by corporate greed

As big business increasingly monopolises and comes under mounting pressure
to grow shareholder returns, payment terms from some of the larger market
participants have grown from what was once 14 days to be now 30, 60, 90 days
and beyond. The impact of this on small to medium sized enterprises can be
devastating, and it’s the very reason Apricity was born. In fact, the supply of
debtor finance (or what we call supply chain finance) in Australia has more than
doubled to $64 billion since 2004

Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced banking and finance

professionals, Apricity is a privately owned supply chain finance business
dedicated to helping businesses prosper

Our vision is to reduce the financial stress of small to medium sized businesses

by delivering cash flow predictability to their balance sheets

We have developed a product that can mean not only the difference between

the failure and survival of small to medium sized enterprises, but it can also be
an essential building block through which businesses can prosper

What we offer is a way for businesses to smooth out their cash flows; we pay

the invoices of their blue chip suppliers up front, meaning they no longer have
to suffer through crippling payment delays. The flow-on benefits include cash
flow predictability, greater financial control, administrative efficiency and even
potential savings by enabling our customers to pay their own suppliers earlier to
buy goods at lower cost

Linden Toll                                                                         Craig Urquhart

Chief Executive                                                                 Chief Executive
Australia                                                                            New Zealand

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Apricity Capability Statement